5 Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Random Restart [100% Working]

All Windows users struggle with Windows 10 random restart problem. The computer constantly restarts when users playing games or watching videos without any sign. However, the computer restarted unexpectedly is very bad for your computer. So you should fix this problem as soon as possible. There are 5 simple solutions that you can fix this issue easily.

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1 Solution: Disable Automatic Restart in Windows

There is an Automatic Restart feature in Windows 10. If it is enabled, your computer will restart automatically. So we have to disable it. To disable it, right-click on This PC and select Properties.

windows 10 random restart

Select Advanced system settings from the right-side menu.

windows 10 random restart

Then you will have a system properties window. Click on the Startup and Recovery Settings button.

windows 10 random restart

Next, you need to uncheck the Automatically restart option under the system failure.

windows 10 random restart

2 Solution: Keep Your System Up To Date

Windows is an advanced operating system that users can get the best experience. So Microsoft updates their system to get better performance. So we need to check and update the system at least every 2 months. This Windows 10 random restart problem because might be the Windows Update.

First, you need to search the Check for Updates. Then you will have the Windows Update window. Click on the Check for updates button and the system will automatically detect the update files. Before clicking the Check for updates button, make sure to connect your internet connection.

windows 10 random restart

3 Solution: Change Power Settings

This problem will solve changing some of the computer power settings. So go to Power Option and click on the change plan settings.

windows 10 random restart

Then click on the Change Advanced Power Settings and navigate to processor power management. You should change the minimum processor state on battery to 5%. Also, you have to turn off the PCI express settings.

windows 10 random restart

4 Solution: Check Malware and Viruses

Sometimes this problem might be a virus or malware. So you have to scan them and remove them from your computer. Recommended using Avast Antivirus to full scan your computer.

After completing the scan process, you can remove all viruses and malware from your computer. Then restart your PC to refresh the Windows system. Then the problem will solve.

temporarily disable avast

5 Solution: Clean Memory

If your computer has been installed heavy software, computer memory will use a lot for those softwares. So the system cannot process properly when memory overuse. As a result your computer will constantly restart. You have to uninstall all unwanted applications from your computer.

To uninstall softwares, go to This PC and click on the Uninstall and change a program in the computer tab. You will see all the applications that you already installed on your computer. Check all unwanted applications and remove them from your computer. Additionally, you can use a cleaner app like CCleaner to clean and boost computer random access memory.

Final Word

I hope your Windows 10 random restart problem solved. So please share this article with your friends. So your friends can easily reach if they have this problem. However, if you have any problem with those solutions, feel free to contact us through the contact page.

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