How to Fix Volume Icon Missing in Windows 7?

The volume icon is the most important icon in the Windows taskbar. Especially it should appear when we are using a laptop. The volume icon uses to control sounds on the Windows computer. So losing the volume icon, it must be a problem for you. Then how can we restore the volume icon to the taskbar? There are two very simple methods available to fix the volume icon missing windows 7 error.

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There are two ways you can enable the volume icon on the Windows computer.

  • Change the notification area settings.
  • Restart explorer.

Both of these methods are pretty darn good. Try method 1 and If it is unsuccessful, go to step 2.

Method 1 – Change The Notification Area Settings

  • Right-click on the taskbar and click properties.
volume icon missing windows 7
  • When the taskbar menu is open, click on the “Customize” button in the notification area. (you will see all the icons currently showing in your taskbar)
  • Now find the volume icon and click on the “Show icon”.
volume icon missing windows 7
  • Finally, click OK to activate it.

Method 2 – Restart Explorer

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select the “Start Task Manager“.
volume icon missing windows 7
  • Once the taskbar manager opens, you will see a few tabs on the task manager window. You need to open the “Processes tab“.
volume icon missing windows 7
  • Then find “Explorer.exe” in the list and click on it once you found.
  • Then click on the “End process button” in the task manager window.
  • Now restart your computer to restore the volume icon again.

Why is the volume icon missing on your Windows computer?

It usually happens when you restart Windows 7 computer. It’s not your computer fault, it is a windows 7 bug. After following the above methods, you can totally restore your volume icon to the taskbar.


I hope you fix the volume icon missing in windows 7 using these methods. It’s very simple methods that you can fix the error in 5min. So if this article helped you, please make sure to share it with your friends.

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