How to Fix the Taskbar Auto-Hide Problem in Windows 10?

Windows 10 taskbar is the most important part of the operating system. Sometimes this taskbar disturbs us to getting fullscreen mode. So the Windows system provides us an amazing auto-hide feature to get the best user experience.

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The problem is the taskbar won’t hide properly, even the auto-hide feature turns on. This is a common problem for Windows users that easy to fix using a few solutions.

Solution: Restart Windows Explorer

This problem may Windows Explorer. So restarting the Windows Explorer, you can solve Windows 10 taskbar not hiding problem. First, right-click on the taskbar and open Task Manager.


Then find Windows Explorer in the process tab. Now you can click on the Restart button to restart the process of Windows Explorer. Once you have done this, your problem will be solved.


Bonus Solutions

Restart Your Computer – When you restart your computer, all Windows processes will restart including the taskbar, Windows Explorer, etc. So the taskbar auto-hide problem will be fixed after restarting.

Click three times on the Desktop – If your taskbar won’t auto-hide properly, minimize your running program and click three times on the desktop. This is just a trick to fix the problem.

Final Word

This is a very common problem for Windows users as I mentioned before. So there are no lots of solutions to fix this problem. I mention the best and right solution for this simple Windows error and bonus tips as well. So I hope you fix the problem using these methods.

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