How to Fix Facebook Error: This content Isn’t Available Right Now

Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world which is more than 2.85 billion active members on the Facebook platform. While using this platform, sometimes getting a few bugs and errors for some reasons. The most common error that Facebook members usually ask is “Sorry, this content Isn’t available right now”. So why is getting this error? and how to fix it. In this article, you will learn everything about the “Sorry, this content Isn’t available right now” Error.

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facebook this content isn't available right now

Why is getting this error? What are the reasons?

If the Facebook tells this content isn’t available right now, there are several reasons for this bug. Let me explain what are those.

1. Content was Deleted

Sometimes a person may have recently deleted the content of a post but not that original post. In meantime, if you clicked the notification and go to the shared post you will see the error of “this content isn’t available right now“.

2. Content was flagged

Facebook trying to get the best user experience for their members. So If there is any post that has been flagged as inappropriate by Facebook or users, the Facebook responsible for delete that post instantly. In that time, if you view that post, you will getting this error.

3. Age Restrictions

When we create a Facebook page, there an option that we can set age restrictions. If we specify an age limit for displaying posts, those posts not showing under the age limit instead of showing the error message of “this content isn’t available right now”.

4. Country Restrictions

Same as above. When we create Facebook page, we have option to set country restrictions. If we specify the country, the posts will not show to that country. So if we are living that restricted country, we will see the error message instead of the post.

5. Privacy Settings

As you know Facebook has many features to protect member’s privacy and personal data. One of this feature called “Privacy Settings“. This feature allows you to specify the people who can see your posts. So the person who shared the posts might change the privacy setting on their post. If the settings have been changed and you view that post, you cannot see the post instead of seeing the error message that content isn’t available.

6. The Profile Has Been Deleted

For some reason, the user’s profiles getting deleted. There are lots of reasons behind this. Some of them are violated Facebook’s policy, posting content that was questionable or unsuitable, adult only images and videos, and profile was deleted themselves. You view the posts after deleted posts owners profile, you cannot see the shared post. you will be getting an error message that “Facebook this content isn’t available right now”.

7. Facebook Is Down At The Moment

All the Facebook data save their servers. Sometimes there are getting issues on the servers and get little glitches on the whole Facebook platform. So in this time, you view the post, you can only see the error message that “Sorry this content isn’t available right now

How to Fix Sorry This Content Isn’t Available Right Now Error?

There are no specific methods to fix this error message. Only you have to do is identify the reason that is why you are getting this annoying error and mind this is not yours, your device, or your account error and ignore the problem.


I hope you learn what are the reasons of the “Facebook this content isn’t available right now” error. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contact us page.

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