How to Disable Automatic Spell Check in Notepad++?

Notepad++ is a fast text editor that is the best text editor for programmers, and it has advanced features for computer programmers. Also, it can be installed plugins for the easy to use. Notepad++ has plugin call “DSpell Checker” for automatic spell checking.

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When you type the text or programming language in Notepad ++ Editor, the DSpell Checker plugin automatically detects spelling errors and it will underline in red. Sometimes this is really annoying to users because if you write code, it insists on every word you type. So you can learn how to disable notepad++ automatic spell check in this article.

How to Disable Notepad++ Automatic Spell Check?

First, open the Notepad++ and find the Plugins tab in the top menu.

notepad++ disable spell check

After expanding the Plugins tab, you can see DSpellcheck plugin. Expand it.

notepad++ disable spell check

Now click on the “Spell Check Documents Automatically” option if it has been turned on. Once you have turned off the automatic spell check option, it will never underline in red with words.

Final Word

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