What Computer Science Jobs Make The Most Money 2019

Nowadays the world depends on technology. So today we are going to talking about Computer Science Jobs. However, the best job depends on your personal skills and tastes. Moreover, if you have computer science knowledge, there are many job opportunities.

Is computer science a good career?

This is a good question. Computer science is a very good major for targeting the job market. Now public and private sectors trying to develop their organizations, Systems, databases with new technology and the smart world. In that case, generate lots of jobs for computer science majors. So computer science is a perfect career for the future.

What are the highest paying jobs in computer science?

01) Network Architect

Network Architect will install modem, routers and other hardware to compatible with data communication networks. Responsible for maintaining and improving systems to make each network more efficient. This is one of the most Acknowledged occupation in the world.

Network Architect’s Salary – $129,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for network architect

  • Install modems, routers, and other hardware or software products.
  • Improve existing systems.

02) Software Engineer

This is one of the popular computer science jobs. Software Engineer is one of the best and highest earning job in the world. Softwares need every major like medicine, banking, automotive, teaching, etc. The software engineer’s job is to develop programs that enable users to perform specific tasks and responsibilities to update the software they created.

Software Engineer’s Salary – $100,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for Software Engineer

  • Responsible for designing, building, testing, maintaining and upgrading systems.
  • Video and documentation should be prepared for new software projects that can analyze the operational process.

03) Database Administrator

The Database Administrator is also known as DBA, which manages the performance of the database and assists in the protection and building of data. Databases Administrators should be more attentive to the safety of the data. This is the reason that increases the salary for this job. They will perform regular maintenance and upgrades on the database that administrators built.

Database Administrator’s Salary – $94,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for a database administrator

  • Designing and building a database.
  • To protect the organization’s data against cyber-attacks.
  • The data performs routine maintenance and improvements.

04) Computer Systems Analyst

Computer system analysts make changes to the software to increase the effectiveness of an organization’s computer systems. This job requires good communication with managers and employees through computer systems. Managers and employees on adopting technology solutions that meet the organization’s core objectives and requirements. You should be able to explain. Similarly, system analysts need to learn about the latest system trends about them.

Computer system analysts’s Salary – $88,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for computer system analyst

  • Modify hardware and software to increase company efficiency and productivity.
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills.
  • Persuade staff to adopt technology solutions.

05) IT Project Manager

IT Project managers of the IT Department work as a team to complete one project. You must be a member of the team because this job is not possible for only one person. They look into the technical issues of the organization and come up with the best practices, solutions and new ideas.

IT Project manager’s Salary – $86,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for IT project Manager

  • Works as a team to complete projects.
  • They should look into the technical issues of the organization.
  • They offer the best solutions and new ideas.

06) Application Developer

As a team of application developers and application engineers to build and develop software applications. Another duty of the application developer is software bug fixes and security vulnerabilities. After they have done their jobs, we’ve got desktop apps, mobile apps to ease our day to day activities.

Application Developer’s Salary – $84,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for an Application developer

  • Developing and improving software applications.
  • Identify security vulnerabilities and take responsibility for them.
  • The end of creation is desktop applications and mobile applications.

07) Information Security Analyst

Protects information networks and websites from cyber-attacks and malware. They will be prepared to explore data trends and think about potential problems. When security systems have a serious problem, Security analysts should be rapidly changing the organization system to protect the data.

Information Security Analyst’s Salary – $82,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for information security analyst

  • Secure information on networks and websites.
  • Action must be taken to prevent hackers from gaining access to computer systems and data systems.
  • Data updates and data encryption installing to the Software.
  • You need to be up to date on ways to deal with threats. Computer systems and networks should be checked whenever possible.

08) Big Data Engineer

This is also a high paying computer science job. People who pay close attention to data and understand customer needs. If you want to work as a big data engineer, you need to have deep/advanced knowledge.

Big Data Engineer’s Salary – $82,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for Big data Engineer

  • Consumers need to understand the data.
  • Can be used Big Data ML tools like Mahout, SparkML, or H2O.

09) Web developer

The web developer’s main goal should be to create a creative website that generates top results for search engines with the targeted audience.

Web Developer’s Salary – $76,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for a web developer

  • Site Design.
  • Coding and Update.
  • He can recommend that a finished website is easy to use and secure.
  • Write content.

10) Desktop Support Technician

Desktop Support Technicians are maintaining the computer component and interface of the organization. While installing new hardware and software, they could ensure performance. Another job of the Desktop Support Technicians is troubleshooting hardware and software.

Web Developer’s Salary – $72,000 (Annual)

Primary Duties for a Desktop support technician

  • Maintains the computer interface.
  • installing new hardware and software.
  • Assist in correcting problems.

What are the easiest computer science jobs in the above list?

All jobs are difficult than other jobs but I listed 3 easiest jobs in computer science jobs. Also, this depends on your skills and knowledge. If your knowledge is strong than the skills, any of the jobs on the list is easy for you.

  • Web developer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Desktop Support Technician

So I hope you get an idea about computer science jobs and their salary ranges. Please make sure to share and comments on your ideas. See you in the next article.

Sajith Herath

Sajith Herath is a Software quality analyst for Mobile and Computer applications. He is the founder of Bigfact-Review. He has written about technology for nearly a decade and He has lots of experience in tech field.