How to Fix The Computer Not Recognizing Headphones Issue?

Headphones are very important to all computer users. You just need headphones to listen to music, watch a movie and make a video call or something like that. Sometimes your Windows computer not recognizing Headphones even your Headphones are perfectly working. Why this happens and how to fix this issue?. Fortunately, there are several ways you can solve this problem without spending much time.

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Fix The Windows Computer Not Recognizing Headphones Issue

Note: Before you proceed with those solutions, check that your headphone is working perfectly.

Solution 01: Update Sound Device

If your headphone is working well, try this method to solve the Computer Not Recognizing Headphones Issue.

Right-click on the “This PC” and click on the “Manage“.

Computer Not Recognizing Headphones

Then select “Device Manager” from the right-side menu and find and expand “Sound, video and game controller” from the middle section.

Computer Not Recognizing Headphones

Select your sound device and right-click on it. Now you can update this device automatically.

Computer Not Recognizing Headphones

Once you have updated the device, restart your computer. Then plug your headphones and check.

Solution 02:  Set headphone as the default playback device

The problem could be if the headphones are not the default playback device. So you have to set headphones as the default playback device. To do that:

Go to the Control Panel and find Hardware and Sound. Then select Sound.

Computer Not Recognizing Headphones

Now navigate the Playback tab. Then right-click and click on “Show Disabled Devices“. Once you do this, the headphone device will show you.

Computer Not Recognizing Headphones

So right-click on your headphone device and enable it. After that select set as default and click Apply.

Solution 03: Fix This Issue With Playing Audio Troubleshooter

If one of the above methods won’t work for you, try this solution to fix the problem.

First, type “Troubleshoot” in the search on your computer and open “Troubleshoot settings“. Now click on the “Playing Audio“.

Computer Not Recognizing Headphones

Now Click on the “Run The Troubleshooter” and troubleshoot setup will start. In one step you will ask to turn off sounds effects.

Computer Not Recognizing Headphones

So you need to select “No, Do Not Open Audio Enchancements” and then troubleshoot will be completed, but if there are more steps follow the instructions and finish the process.

Final Word

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