What is Cloud Computing ?

What is “Cloud Computing”?

What is “Cloud Computing”? Cloud computing can be accessed via the Internet as an access to information technology services and tools. Simply, we will be given the opportunity to connect to each of the world’s web applications, through a server computer machine that connects the Internet and select the application we need. It only need a web browser and an Internet connection.

cloud computing- bigfact review definitions

Why do we speak “cloud computing” for this service?

The necessary software has been placed on a server computer connected to the internet, because it does not require us to install software related to the task we need on our computer. It also allows us to place data and information on our computer machine.

Later, data can be accessed via a computer with any Internet connection from anywhere in the world. Also, activating this facility is required to pay a small amount from a third party service and get the service. It will be able to utilize all the resources of the network and only service users who use us will have to pay.

Origin of Cloud Computing

cloud computing- bigfact review definitions

This service was launched for the first time in 2009. This service is a huge contributor to free and open source software. The word cloud refers to a telephone system. Until the 1990s, the data exchange occurred through wire connections.

Later, various telephone companies introduced a wireless networking system. It is called the Virtual Private Network (VPN). It was used to minimize traffic on the computer network and make communication easier.

Cloud Computing was first introduced in 1960 by John McCarthy. But this word was popular in 1990. That’s when ATM comes in. Subsequently, in 2007, Google and IBM companies launched a large-scale cloud computing project.

What are the features of “Cloud Computing”?
  • Self-service according to the requirement
  • Network references from anywhere
  • Resource file
  • The growing elasticity
  • Payable according to usage.
  • Independence of stationary applications.
  • Inflexibility
  • Reliability
  • Maintenance
  • Performance and efficiency.
What are Cloud Computing Service Templates?

cloud computing- bigfact review definitions

Software as a Service-SaaS

  • Self-service that conforms to the SaaS requirement, or software that directly communicates with the user, is known as the operating system, operating system, computer network, etc.
  • This model can use the software from anywhere in the world to use Internet-enabled computers, additional software, or hardware-less cloud computing. Eg Gmail, Facebook ….

Platform as a Service-PaaS

  • This operating model provides computer systems, operating systems, programming languages, and computer-related backgrounds, but computer software does not provide software. But the software provides the environment to create them. That is, it provides an application interface.
  • This model works best for computer program designers, because they can do a little bit of work. Eg Google engine, force.com

Infrastructure as a service-IaaS

  • This service model only provides networking support for computer hardware.
  • We can use software on the Internet to program the software we use to enable software implementation. Eg amazon web services, at & t​

cloud computing- bigfact review definitions

What are Cloud Computing Forms?
  1. Public-Public cloud (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sales force)
  2. Private-Private cloud (HP data center, IBM, Sun, Oracle, 3tera)
  3. Hybrid-Hybrid cloud
What are the components of Cloud Computing?
  1. Client Computers
  2. Distributed servers
  3. Data centers
What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?
  • Less cost of computerization
  • Improved activity
  • Low cost of software
  • Instantly updating software.
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • It’s possible to get the service from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Exemption from maintenance.
  • about efficiency and accuracy
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reduction of heavy electrical consumption
Are there any disadvantages in Cloud Computing?


  • The main downside of Cloud Computing is that it is based on the Internet.
  • Cloud computing is a dream for anyone unable to access Internet access.

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