how to format sd card using cmd

How To Format SD Card Using CMD?

Why Do You Format SD Card? Sometimes people have to format an SD card for reasons. Mainly, People will be able to face SD card errors like Corruption, damage, inaccessibility, etc. In additional, People need to...
wifi not working

How to Definitely Fix WiFi not working on laptop?

How To Fix WiFi not working on Windows? In this article, I will show you various ways to solve the problem of WiFi not working in Windows 10. Now some of the causes of this problem...
how to transfer files to a flash drive

How to Transfer Files to a Flash Drive [Quick Tip]

Here are some quick tips to transfer files to a Flash Drive safely. Today, Lots of people work with Flash drives. So if you do this wrong way, your flash drive and computer could get some...
temporarily disable avast

How to temporarily Disable Avast Antivirus 2019

Sometimes We need to temporarily disable Avast antivirus for some reasons. Today when I am going to install a cracked file the avast virus guard automatically removed that file because of malware. So some windows files...
mouse cursor png

100+ Unique Mouse cursor PNG free download

Here Are The 100+ Unique Mouse cursor PNG Windows operation system typically designs a solid, white mouse cursor icons and it’s not perfect to use. Fortunately, We can customize Windows mouse arrow in few steps. Before...
how to show file extensions

How to show file extensions windows 10?

What are the file extensions? File extensions helpful for the identifies the file format. If this file extensions not shown on your computer, must be very difficult to see the file format. So I will tell...
show desktop-icons

How to show desktop icons on windows 10?

You know, When we format and re-install the Windows, there are no any desktop icons in the Windows desktop. So How do we pin desktop icons in Windows 10?. There are two simple ways to pin...
What is the Floppy Disk

What is the Floppy Disk?

• Why did people use Floppy Disk? People used this Floppy Disk because of data transfer process (Data travel process). In the future, people are using like Pen drives, Portable Hard drives to transfer the data...
install windows 10 from USB.png 5

How to install Windows 10 from USB?

How to install Windows 10 from USB? : First of all, Thanks for landing this article. If you are searching for How to install Windows 10 from USB, then we must say you are on the...
Blue Screen of Death

How to fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)?

Blue Screen of Death