Carmen Jane Plant: Robert Plant’s Only Daughter

Carmen Jane Plant, the daughter of Led Zeppelin lead vocalist Robert Plant, has a life distinct from her father’s career as a famed musician. She is a professional belly dancer who produces stunning presentations to portray Middle Eastern culture. Robert Plant married Maureen Wilson on November 9, 1968, and the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter called Carmen Jane Plant, on November 21, 1968, in Birmingham, England. Robert and Maureen also had two boys, Karac Pendragon, who died when he was five years old, and Logan Romero, who was born in 1979, four years before the couple split in August 1983. You can learn “All about Carmen Jane plant” from this article.

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All about Carmen Jane plant

Carmen Jane Plant is an accomplished belly dancer. Carmen learned belly dancing with Serena Ramzy, a well-known belly dancer. Despite her avoidance of the media, she has received press notice for her program, The Serpent Slayer. On May 13, 2018, the exhibition was place at Exeter Corn Exchange. The show included live music and a variety of acts, including belly dance, Middle Eastern entertainment, African trance, and even martial arts. The program also included storytelling in many styles, ranging from multimedia projection to shadow puppetry. Carmen has also performed at the Glastonbury Festival, Rivermead Womad Music Festival, and Babylon Arabic Ensemble. Carmen also teaches ballet and belly dancing professionally.

carmen jane plant

Carmen Jane Plant’s net worth is unknown because she isn’t particularly accessible to the public. While she has generated money from her gigs and belly dance courses, she has not publicized the amounts. Her father’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million. Because his daughter is presumably a beneficiary, it is assumed that part of his income has been passed on to her (albeit the amount is unknown).

Charles Jones, Carmen Jane Plant’s husband, used to play bass for Robert Plant. Since May 18, 1991, they have been married. Sunny Plant-Jones is the oldest of the couple’s three children (age 29). Carmen and Charles have two more children, but I can’t find out anything about them.

Carmen Jane Plant’s Childhood

Nothing is known about her childhood after then. Carmen has spent most of her life away from the press and media, despite her achievements (I will discuss this later). We do know that she went to Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School. She was also engaged in a vehicle accident with her parents when she was seven years old. The automobile went off the road and hit a tree while on vacation on the Greek island of Rhodes. As a result, Carmen sustained several injuries.

carmen jane plant

Through discussions with Carmen and Robert Plant, I learned the remainder of what we know about Carmen’s youth. Robert Plant has stated that he was on tour throughout Carmen’s childhood and did not spend much time with her, which he regrets dearly today. I can’t find the original interview, but I recall Robert Plant claiming that Carmen once mistook him for a thief raiding the house.

Carmen Jane Plant’s Parents

Carmen Jane Plant is the daughter of Led Zeppelin superstar Robert Plant and his ex-wife, Maureen Wilson. Plant spent much of her childhood traveling the world, singing concerts.

Carmen spent the most of her childhood with her mother and siblings. Her early recollections of her father are limited, and she has been linked to her father’s celebrity. She does, however, have a wonderful relationship with her father now.

Why Robert’s Daughter Carmen Jane Chose A Completely Different Career Path?

Despite the fact that nothing is known about Carmen’s personal life, it is known that she is married to Robert Plant’s former bassist Charlie Jones, with whom she has three children. Carmen also works as a professional belly dancer and teaches belly dancing.

Carmen, a professional dancer, recently made news for her show titled ‘The Serpent Slayer,’ which premiered at the Exeter Corn Exchange on May 13, 2018. According to Robert Plant’s daughter, the evening included live music and a dance performance by Club Cairo, which included Middle Eastern culture, African trance, and martial arts.

Is Carmen Plant married?

The straightforward answer is yes. Carmen Plant married Charlie Jones, a bass musician who played with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, on May 18, 1991. Roy Harper’s song ‘Evening Star’ was apparently created for Carmen and Charlie’s wedding day.

Their wedding celebration was hosted at Robert’s farm in Kidderminster in a series of marquees. For the occasion, Roy Harper wrote the song ‘Evening Star’ for Carmen. They have three children, the eldest of whom is Sunny Plant-Jones (born 1993). The family is now settled in Bath, Somerset.


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