Bleasdale Farmhouse Cookie Locations [Explain]

For a short time, Phasmophobia’s Holiday Event 2022 is available. You may join in the event by providing the ghost in your investigations a sweet treat in the shape of cookies when it is taking place. These cookies are placed across the themed maps, making it difficult to find them. This guide will take you to all of the cookie places in Phasmophobia’s Holiday 2022. Here, we are going to talk about “Bleasdale farmhouse cookie locations” and you can get more information about it.

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The Bleasdale Farmhouse has four cookies on the ground level. One may be found on the right side of the first chamber. Two are in the kitchen, one near the sink and one near the dining room chair. The last cookie may be found in the workshop, near the heater. On the second floor of the Bleasdale Farmhouse, there are two cookies. They are located in the same corridor, to the left of the attic stairs. One is on the nightstand near the stairs, and the other is on the chair arm.

First Cookie – This is found in the living room, sitting by a plate on the table.

Second Cookie – This cookie is by the sink in the kitchen.

Third Cookie – This is found in the dining room, sitting on the chair.

Fourth Cookie – This is found in the storage room on top of the heater on the left side of the house.

Where to find all cookies in Phasmophobia

Bleasdale Farmhouse Cookie Locations

You must go to these sites to find the cookies. Make certain that the investigation difficulty is set to Intermediate. 10 Ridgeview Court, 13 Willow Street, 42 Edgefield Road, 6 Tanglewood Road, Bleasdale Farmhouse, Camp Woodwind, and Grafton Farmhouse are the locations you must examine. Each map contains six cookies. If you wish to pick them up, please use the plate given in the vehicle.

10 Ridgeview Court cookie locations

  • On the bottom floor, there are three cookies. One may be found on the coffee table to the left of the entryway. There will be another on the left side of the home, near to the computer desk. The final one on this floor is in the garage, on a shelf at the extreme back.
  • There are two bedrooms upstairs. The first is to the right of the stairs, on the right side of the bedroom, and on the desk. The final one is on a shelf to the right of the entry, to the left of the stairs, in the bedroom just before the main bedroom.
  • The last cookie may be found in the basement, on top of a chair to the left of the basement door.

13 Willow Street cookie locations

  • The Willow home has five cookies on the ground level. The first is on the main living room’s nightstand. Look find the cutting board on the kitchen counter. The third will be on the far left side of this section in the garage. The last two are located in the bedrooms towards the back of the home. The first is in the main bedroom, at the rear, while the second is in the right bedroom, near the computer desk.
  • The last cookie may be found in the basement, the second storage room, and on the floor.

Fifth Cookie – This is found between the two rooms at the end of the hallway on a table.

Sixth Cookie – This cookie can be found down the hall and to the left, near the window on the chair.

Bleasdale Farmhouse Cookie Locations
  • The first cookie may be found immediately to the right table after entering 42 Edgefield Road. It has a key in it and is sitting next to the bowl.
  • The second cookie may be found on the ground level, just beyond the stairs, in the kitchen on the left side of the home. It is positioned in the bottom right corner of the kitchen table in this room.
  • Exit the kitchen and head to the right of the home to find the third cookie. Approaching the piano in this area, players can turn left to locate another dining table where the cookie is resting.
  • The fourth cookie is upstairs, immediately to the left, atop the hallway table.
  • The fifth cookie may be found on a table near the bedroom, which is the furthest away from the stairs.
  • The final cookie may be discovered in this house’s basement. To find the basement entrance, players must return downstairs and travel back toward the kitchen area. As players reach the first chamber in the basement, they will find the cookie on a table to the left, amid various dispersed tools.


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