20+ Best Themes For Android Devices in 2020

First of all, Thanks for landing this article. If you are searching Best themes for android, then we must say you are in the right place, So without getting into query let’s directly jump into 20+ cool themes for android.

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What is the Android theme/Launcher?

Lots of people using Android Mobiles today. So the Android operating system is an open-source made by Google.

Android themes can change the operating system style. It will be changing like Home screen, Setting, Menu, and Keyboard style, if we changed the theme. This can be different with the theme that you are going to apply. However, you can just amaze people using those cool Android themes.

What will change on my mobile if I apply a theme?

Your mobile might change those below. (Note: This will depend on the theme that you will select)

  1. Home Screen
  2. Setting menu
  3. Main menu
  4. Icons
  5. Font
  6. Keyboard
  7. Media Players

What are the disadvantages of applying an Android theme?

Actually, there are no disadvantages to using Android themes. With my experience, the only bad thing is the mobile phone will slow down a little bit when the theme applied but we will give you 20+ best android themes that not decrease your mobile phone speed.

Here Are 20+ best themes for Android

        1. MIUI-ify


  • Key Features – Notification Shade, Battery saver, Bottom Status Bar, Quick Setting Tiles, Handle Trigger Area, Backup/Restore.


      2. Evie Launcher (Rating: 4.6)

Evie Launcher

  • Key Features: Universal Search, Quick Navigation, Custom Shortcuts, Personalization.


    3. Apex Launcher (Rating: 4.4

Apex Launcher

  •  Key Features: AppLock–Protect privacy with pattern and password, Personalized Themes & Icon Pack Center, Efficiency, Easy to Use, Effects, Optimize, Customization, Manage with Ease, Hide Apps, Locker, Gesture Operation, Themes to Explore, Backup and more.


     4. Nova Launcher (Rating: 4.6)

Nova Launcher

  • Key Features: Custom Icon Themes, Night Mode and Dark Theme, Customizable App Drawer, Subgrid Positioning, Backup and Restore, Speed.


    5. Smart Launcher 5 (Rating: 4.4)

smart launcher 5

  • Key Features: Ambient theme, Adaptive icons, Automatic app sorting, Designed to be used with one hand, Ultra immersive mode, Smart search, Built-in clock widget with weather, On screen notifications, Gestures and hotkeys, Customization, Protect your apps, and Wallpaper selection.


     6. Google Pixel Launcher (Rating: 4.0)

Google now Launcher

  • Key Features: Swipe right from your Home screen to see Google Now cards, Quick access to Search, Say “Ok Google” to search with your voice, A-Z apps list with fast scrolling, App Suggestions.


     7. APUS Launcher (Rating: 4.6)

apus launcher - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Video Live Wallpaper, Stylish & Personalized, Fast & Efficient, Popular, Smart & Convenient.


    8. C launcher (Rating: 4.6)

c launcher - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Fast, Secure, Smart, Customizable Interface.


     9. GO Launcher (Rating: 4.5)

go launcher- best themes for android

  • Key Features: Provide 10000+ free mobile themes for android, Go Wallpaper, Transition Effect, Widget, APPs management, Dr. Clean, DIY Live Wallpaper.


    10. CM Launcher 3D (Rating: 4.4)

cm launcher - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Themes & Icon Pack Center, 3D Animation Effects, 3D Themes & Live Wallpapers, Unity Themes & VR Themes, Trending Themes, DIY Themes, Hide & Lock Apps, Boost your phone, Smart App Manager, Notification Reminder.


    11. ME Launcher (Rating: 4.3)

me launcher - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Change the phone theme, Customize app icons, great visual effects, Change the font and color.


    12. Ace Launcher (Rating: 4.4)

ace launcher - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Customization Center, Phone Optimization, Smart Launcher, Detailed and Accurate Weather, Handy Search, Privacy Protection.


   13. U Launcher 3D (Rating: 4.5)

u launcher- best themes for android

  • Key Features: Fresh launcher 2019, 3D parallax background, 3D Screen transition, Top themes & wallpapers 2019, A great deal of 3d themes and icon packs, Experience the interface, Speed booster, Quick Search, Widget, Smart folders, Hide Apps.


   14. POCO Launcher (Rating: 4.7)

poco launcher - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Minimalist design, Personalization, Convenient search, Manage apps, Fast and smooth.


   15. Mi X Launcher (Rating: 4.4)

mi x launcher -best themes for android

  • Key Features: Theme, Icon Pack, Apps Drawer, hide unused or private apps, notification dots, gestures, Gesture ball and more.


     16. Pie Launcher (Rating: 4.3)

pie launcher - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Icon pack, More than 1000+ cool themes, Apps drawer, hide unused or private apps, notification dots, and more features coming soon.


     17. O Launcher (Rating: 4.4)

o launcher - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Themes & icon pack, launcher style drawer, Icon themes, Wallpapers, Gestures, Hide App, Side Screen, Notifier/Counter, Edit app icon, Icon dot, Drawer color, Lock desktop.


     18. Microsoft Launcher (Rating: 4.6)

ms launcher - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Personalize Your Feed, Give your phone a new look, Cortana, Continue on PC, Search the Web, Gesture Customization, Organize Contacts.


    19. Launcher iOS 13 (Rating: 4.8)

iso - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Assistive Touch, Control Center, Change your wallpaper, and more cool features coming soon.


     20. Launcher Galaxy S10 (Rating: 4.7)

galaxy - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Start Menu, Android application in Stylish Tiles, Easy Navigation to the Apps, File Explorer, Create Folders, Taskbar, put the files to Recycle Bin and delete later, Built-in ZIP support, Action Center.


  21. ADW Launcher 2 (Rating: 4.4)

adw - best themes for android

  • Key Features: Added new icons effects section, Dynamic UI coloring using wallpaper colors, New way to manage screens, New way to add widgets and shortcuts, change the wallpaper, lock/unlock the desktop or access settings, fast scroll app drawer style, desktop transitions and more.


    22. Apex Launcher Classic (Rating: 4.3)

apex- best themes for android

  • Key Features: Customizable home screen and app drawer grid size, Scrollable dock, Infinite & elastic scrolling, Fancy transition effects, Hide elements as you want, Custom icons and labels, Choose different folder preview styles and background, Hide apps, Lock your desktop.


Are those Android themes free?

Some Android themes are free but some themes are paid versions. You don’t need to buy themes because there are tons of free themes out there. However, if you like paid versions, go ahead and buy right away.

What theme did I recommend for you?

I personally like the Nova theme that I mentioned in my list above. Anyway, you can choose any theme you want. It depends on your passion.  So I hope you download the best themes for android phone list.

Final Word

I hope you get the best android themes from this article and how to use it. So please share this article with your friends.

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