Best Period Tracker App [Flo App review] 2019

This flo app is an artificial intelligence calculator that uses artificial intelligence for more accurate menstrual cycle predictions. This app has four tabs and we can see our prediction for the month and month sender dates.

In addition, they collect information from you by observing your time period, and from there they determine when your period is coming each month, and with time it becomes more accurate. Some people can get the time period just once. Some are really irregular every month, but by observing it you can find patterns in your periodic irregularity, and this flo app will definitely help you do that.

This is what happens with the float app process

  • The first thing you can take into account is how the parameters help the app to improve their forecasts.
  • The second tab is the calendar that helps you track your cycle.
  • Next is the Insight tab where you can see articles about your period. (You need to complete your daily log to gain insight into your health.)
  • The next tab is where you can edit your profile settings and view charts in your lifestyle settings.
  • Also, the target weight, height and calorie intake health profile should answer 31 questions for you. The cycle and the ovary can help you improve your circular prognosis. You can edit the duration and duration of your cycle. You can show the duration of your cycle and the intensity patterns of your body and you can chart events.

flo app review.

How to use flo app?

  • When using this floating app, click on the little cute pink feathers, and you can place whatever you want to collect data. (Due to the basal body temperature of the app, these days it’s 97 0.86 clicks, analyzing and improving symptoms.)
  • Then once you have logged your period, you can determine the flo and when you enter your period it will emerge and allow you to love. (That gives me something cool about the flow of the first day of my period. If you think you’re new to the graph, it’s useful.)

How Flo app works?

  • Then you need to answer 41 (Then you can join the flo app.)
  • The community is available to help solve any of your problems
  • In addition, the article is provided in the flo app to give you a better idea of your health.

There is some kind of knowledge of the timing of searching different things and says they are not used for forecasting.

It’s really cool and I think you have so much Flo, so much for the flo app to find out what you can access and what you want to show in your daily logs to determine their data and track it in the app there are alternatives.

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