Best Hoverboards Under $100 in 2021

The modern generation of kids are always dreaming about ride a Hoverboard. This Hoverboard is the latest electric toy among the kids. Not only among the kids, but also among the young generation. They use this toy to play, travel and for their racing purposes. However, this Hoverboard is like a type of two-wheeled scooter. At times, it known as self-balancing scooter.

Actually the hoverboard is normally using for personal transportation. It is a motor-powered vehicle entailing of a platform for the feet riding on two wheels. In addition, the Hoverboard skillful by the way the rider deal out with their weight. So, if you are a hoverboard lover or searching for cheap and safe hoverboards, definitely this article will help you to find highly safe best hoverboards under $100.

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List of Best Hoverboards Under $100

  1. XPRIT
  2. HOVERSTAR 6.5” UL 2272
  7. FLUXX FX3
  9. HOVERBOARD 6.5’’ Listed two wheel self-balancing electric scooter with LED light pink
  10. GOTRAX edge Hoverboard


best hoverboards under $100

XPRIT 6.5” hoverboard is a perfectly designed for the new riders. The XPRIT hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards under $100 and powered by 4400MAH Li-ion battery. This super fun XPRIT hoverboard comes with a long mileage of up to 12 miles per charge. Additionally you can take from empty to 100% charging in less than 2 hours. The tire size is 6.5 inches and comes with solid rubber.

This XPRIT hoverboard is lightweight but helps to make your travelling smoother and easier than ever. Not only that, but also the XPRIT comes with including Bluetooth speakers, LED front lights, Battery indicator and wheel lights. These Bluetooth speakers and LED indicators flash randomly to make your journey super fun.

02. HOVERSTAR 6.5” UL 2272

best hoverboards under $100

The next most attractive hoverboard is the HOVERSTAR 6.5” UL 2272.  This HOVERSTAR hoverboard has accepted different kinds of safety experiments for UL 2272 certification to make sure about the protection and the safety of the hoverboard rider. In addition, from a single charge, it can travel up to 8 miles. You can get a stable and smooth ride by the wheels of 6.5 inchers what made with solid rubber.

By the way, you can reach a top speed of up to 10 MPH. The HOVERSTAR hoverboard comes with a powerful 36V/4A hoverboard battery. The specialty of this HOVERSTAR hoverboard is you can easily charge it within only 2 to 3 hours. The supreme weight limit of this hoverboard is 180 pounds. Also the wider pedals and nonslip footpads gives you more comfortable ride.

When we talk about the price of this HOVERSTAR hoverboard, this is the best hoverboard under $100 in the market. In addition, the best thing about this HOVERSTAR hoverboard is, it has an exclusive and fashionable design and appearances like a Lamborghini hoverboard.


best hoverboards under $100

The MEGAWHEELS GOLD hoverboard is the best hoverboard for under $100 has load limit of 44 to 242 pounds.  The specialty of this hoverboard is you can enjoy thrilled music while riding the MEGAWHEELS GOLD hoverboard.

Because of, this joyful hoverboard comes with the built in Bluetooth speakers. Moreover, other best thing is, there is three colors of LED flashing lights. Those are for not only looks cool, but also supports you to see better in nights in dark and be visible to others while riding.

The MEGAWHEELS GOLD hoverboard is well equipped with twofold 250-watt motors (500watts) and when we talk about the high speed of this hoverboard, it can go up to 7.5 miles per hour. In addition this hoverboard comes with the UL certified Hoverboard battery. Therefore, it can gives you 10 km range per charge. The hoverboard ensure the safety of the rider from its anti-fire, heavy-duty shell.


best hoverboards under $100

The KING SPORTS hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards under $100 with features of an alarm arrangement that warnings the rider in carefulness of over speeding, rocking back and battery exhaustion and forth for more than 30 seconds. The high strength LED hoverboard lights are super cool and let you to ride at nights. This latest KING SPORTS hoverboard comes with Bluetooth stereo speakers that work with Android/iOS smartphones to play music while ridings.

The battery is Lithium Lon with a capacity of 100.8WH. The best point of this KING SPORTS hoverboard is you can go up to 8 miles on a single charge. The hoverboard weighs only 23.8 lbs. and the maximum weight limit of 165 lbs. Moreover, the body of the KING SPORTS hoverboard is sleek and stylish design by the California engineers.

05. CHO Electric 6.5 inch self-balancing hoverboard

best hoverboards under $100

The CHO Electric self-balancing hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards under $100. In addition, this hoverboard is one of the all-time favorite hoverboards with greatest performances. The main thing is the CHO hoverboard is super cool and super comfortable to use. Moreover, the CHO hoverboard has gone through different kinds of experiments to come to be UL 2272 certification.

At the point, there is nothing to worry about the safety of this hoverboard. In addition, the CHO electric 6.5 inches self-balancing hoverboard is factory-made by using an in height quality material in it. Another great feature of the CHO electric self-balancing hoverboard is its’ amazing colorful LED lights and front LED lights for safer rides at night.

This magical hoverboard comes with a built in wireless speakers that, can connect to your transportable devices to enjoy your desired music with amazing sound effects. Other main features of this hoverboard are it has a maximum speed of up to 7 miles per hour and there is a free carry bag for easy carrying. Moreover, happy to say that, the CHO electric self-balancing hoverboard is 100% environment friendly hoverboard.


best hoverboards under $100

The FELIMODA self-balancing HOVERBOARD is one of the best hoverboards under $100 in the list. The point is this incredible hoverboard offers you a smooth riding experience at an inexpensive price. Not only have that, but also this FELIMODA self-balancing hovered board saves energy as well. Moreover, you will definitely fall in love with the design of the hoverboard.

The FELIMODA SELF BALANCING HOVERBOARD comes with a supreme cruising speed of 9 miles per hour and it has 29.4V 1.A Lithium Lon battery with capacity of 100Wh 4.0Ah. Another best feature of this FELIMODA self-balancing hoverboard is it can travel up to 15 km per charge.

You need to charge this hoverboard 2 to 4 hours for 100% charge and there is multi-level battery life indicator. In addition, the net weight of this hoverboard is 10 kg. Additionally, its UL 2272 Protection Guarantee ensures that the battery will not get overheating or electrical short circuit.


best hoverboards under $100

FLUXX FX3 HOVERBOARD SELF BALANCING SCOOTER come with fabulous LED lights. Each FLUXX 3 hoverboard has multiple LED lights to make your hoverboard look cool, unique and awesome. The special thing is you do not have to worry about the safeness of this hoverboard because, the FLUXX FX3 hoverboard has UL2272 safety certificate also.

Moreover, there is a dual 200-Watt motors and 24V battery power the remix mini up to 7mph for a distance of 4miles. Another awesome feature of this FLUXX FX3 hoverboard is, it truly self-balances and keeping the board level with the ground making it easy to ride. FX3 boats body and smooth wheel lights can make your rides more stylish and super fun. Another best thing about this FLUXX FX3 self-balancing hoverboard is, it is not only design for kids, but also it is for riders of all sizes and capable to transport up anyone up to 220 lbs.  


best hoverboards under $100

Hover-1 rebel kids hoverboard is the best hoverboard for kids under $100. The maximum speed of the HOVER-1 rebel hoverboard is 6mph and its’ powerful board helps up to 130 pounds of weight. By the way, you can keep your children safe as they travel with the hoverboard along on the mobility solutions. The HOVER-1 Rebel kids hoverboard comes with fabulous colorful front LED lights and wheel LEDs. It helps to your children to get their rides in dark as well as the morning times.

In addition, the battery of this hoverboard is with 7- cell rechargeable Lithiumion. The motors’ power is up to 220W. You can have 3 miles of maximum distance fun rides with this hoverboard without any power or battery problem.

This HOVER 1- Rebel hoverboard has accepted different categories of safety tests for UL 2272 certification to make sure about the safety and the protection of the hoverboard rider.


best hoverboards under $100

Another best hoverboard under $100 is the HOVERBOARD 6.5 inches listed two-wheel self-balancing hoverboard. The main feature of this hoverboard is this hoverboard comes with solid color Anti fire materials. In addition, this is an electronic based hoverboard and move towards with 2 LED light up flash wheels and desirable front LED lights.

The best this is you can hit maximum speed of up to 10 MPH and range of 6-8 miles through the 4A battery. Moreover, this HOVERBOARD has the certified 6.5” hoverboard two wheel self-balancing scooter certificate. So no need to worry about the protection of the hoverboard rider. Another attractive feature of this hoverboard is it has charger and help manual for reference.


best hoverboards under $100

If you are seeking a perfect suitable gift to give to your loved child, the GOTRAX EDGE hoverboard is the greatest thing. Moreover, the GOTRAX EDGE hoverboard is for not only kids, but also can be thoughtful and unique gift for your friends and also your family.

The GOTRAX EDGE hoverboard is another UL certified 6.5” hoverboard with self-balancing mode. The most attractive feature of this hoverboard is, it comes with intuitive headlights and taillights. You can simply plug in the two-wheel self-balancing hoverboard and be ready to have your super cool rides.

This hoverboard may be a wonderful fun surprise and can carry riders of all sizers up to 99.7kg. In addition, the latest design of this GOTRAX EDGE hoverboard is very energy efficient using a 25.2V 2.6 AH battery it can be take ride up to 6.2 super miles on a single charge.

Are Cheap Hoverboards Safe?

The Most of cheap hoverboards with the UL certification are 100% safe. If you searching a cheap hoverboard with good safeness, then surely you have to care about the hoverboard UL certificate. The famous hoverboard brands such as GOTRAX, SWAGTRON and HALO have passed that UL certification. On the other hand, some hoverboards are cheap but not suit for your or your children’s safe. If you trying to buy any model of cheap hoverboard from China or Hong Kong, you should care about the UL certification.


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