Best Antivirus for Computer

What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software will be able to detect, prevent and remove malware (virus) from our computers. This process will be done in lightning fast time frame. If  connect some USB, while using internet, CDs, Some how our computer able to face malware (viruses). So, if we installed a antivirus software to our computers, antivirus software able to detect, prevent and remove that malware from our computers. 

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Why we remove malware from our computers?

If we have malware in our computer, Our computer will get slow, stuck, error, etc.. We cannot working on the computer while it’s has a malware. Everything going crazy. So we should remove malware (viruses) from our computer work perfectly.

How can we remove malware?

If our computer has malware problem, We should remove malware by Antivirus Software. There are another trick for remove malware but it’s not a perfect method. Trick is format your computer and reinstall the operating system that you used.

I recommended to use antivirus software to remove malware from your computer. That is very safe and good method. Antivirus software will detect the malware, which means how that malware affect to your computer and prevent that malware first. Then Antivirus software will notify the malware and we can able to remove from our computers.

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What is the best Antivirus for computer?

There are ton’s of Antivirus software. But We should select best antivirus software for our computers. Main thing is, If we installed antivirus software, computer will get slow and we cannot work until that process. I recommended those antivirus software.

  1. Windows Defender (we won’t install third party antivirus software because windows operating system included the antivirus now. this is best antivirus I have ever seen before.)
  2. Avast Antivirus
  3. Kaspersky Antivirus
  4. Avira Antivirus
  5. AVG Antivirus

I hope you get an idea, how to use antivirus software. if you get an idea please share this article with your friends. see you in the next articles.

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