The 10 Best Android Calendar Apps 2019

What is the Best Android Calendar App in 2019? Android is the most commonly used type of phone, used by business people and the general public. Meanwhile, the calendar is an essential part of a mobile phone. It is useful for businessmen and other people for the day to day activities.

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With this in mind, app developers have created these calendar apps. Their functionality is high, and features are distributed across the Play Store to make it easier for users to download. It is difficult to find a good calendar according to your needs. So that reason, we’re going to compare the 10 Best Android Calendar Apps in the play store.

Here Are The Best Android Calendar Apps And Their Features

1) Google Calendar 

The Google Calendar connects with your email address and it is easy to use. Google’s calendar is one of the most popular calendar app for android. In addition, you can schedule events and Add organization events to the calendar that can be useful to you. You can see more features below.


  • Enable your world clock.
  • Enable working house.
  • You can add your personal goals.
  • Add specific meeting locations.

2) One Calendar

This calendar has the ability to view and manage all your appointment events and birthdays. Also a good calendar for android. It also comes with different calendar options like multiple views and configurable widgets. It also has the ability to filter appointments you would like to see.


  • Facebook events managing.
  • Support for multiple Google and Office365 calendars.
  • Live tile.
  • Customizable colors.

3) Simple Calendar

This Calendar is the best app to check any holidays. This calendar can check banks, local, school and many more holidays.


  • Public holiday.
  • Bank holiday, banks and offices are closed.
  • Local holiday.
  • School holiday, schools are closed.
  • Majority of people take a day off.
  • Optional festivity, no paid day off.

4) Calendar App  

You can get this calendar from Google play store for free and this is a simplistic app for android. The main point is that the basic version of the app is totally free, and this is a great tool for managing your most important events.


  • This can be easily used.
  • You can also edit the calendar.
  • No ads or annoying popups.

5) Calendar, Planner & Organizer – Jorte

Calendar, Planner & Organizer is an amazing app for android. The app became popular in 2016 as most active users used it for a month. You can customize the appearance, colors, backgrounds, themes or widgets of this calendar. It has a diary that can list your daily activities.


  • Jorte Cloud: multi-device syncing and backup.
  • Add specific meeting locations.

6) DigiCal Calendar Agenda

This is another popular and rated calendar app. The best thing is it has over 560,000 public holidays and inform you about common holidays. Also, we can put a location, know about the daily weather condition and more. This app used many peoples and users have rated it 4.4 stars. It is also a reminder of public holidays.

Key features

  • Two additional widgets: month widget and month calendar widget.
  • Year view with heat map to detect free and busy periods.
  • Lock new customization options for calendar widget and agenda views.
  •  7 additional widget themes.
  • Optional little sleeping option.

7) Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 has all the features you need in a calendar app. It’s easy to use and provides powerful tools for planning your events and tasks. An important day will remind in the notification bar.


  • There are 6 clearly defined main ideas: Month, Week, Day, Agenda, Year and Functions.
  • Shows the government holiday calendar.
  • Status bar reminders or popup notifications.

8) Business Calendar

It is very clear because this calendar app has 12 colours for 12 months. Dates can be enlarged that adults can easily use it. The notifications are detailed and reminded. You can use the dark theme to make it more pleasing to the eye. Also could change the colour and font size.


  • Manage contacts: link contacts to your events.
  • You can customize templates: create your own templates for new events.
  • Copy and move multiple events at once.
  • Easily copy events in the multi-day view.

9) New Calendar

This is a voice reminder that tells you the routine of the day and shows the weather of the day. There are more than 10 widgets, including agendas, calendars, voice recordings, a watch, a world city time and a sticky note, counter and to-do list.

  • Shows daily whether.
  • Voice recordings.
  • World city time and a sticky note.

10) Calendar 2019: Schedule Reminder, Agenda, To-Do

This can be used as a timetable for managing your business events and programs. You can organize your agendas and events easily to increase performance. As well as you can connect your Google account to sync all events, programs and appointments.


  • Month, week, day, agenda and event view.
  • Birthday calendar.
  • Holidays and Festivals.
  • Premium holiday.
  • finance and lifestyle calendar.


I hope you compared and found the best calendar app for your android mobile. It will help you to manage your daily activities. So please do share this article with your friends.

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