What Is Viber Messenger| Complete Guide

Benefits Of Viber App [2019]

Viber Messenger is a free voicemail and technical messaging software for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. In addition, desktop platforms can serve as a mobile connection. Also, the sticker feature is the reason why the Viber app is different from the other messaging app. The Viber app-only offers so many stickers.

How Does It Work?

  • Viber Messenger can be downloaded directly to your phone or computer.
  • Secondly, users need to enter their phone number to get started.
  • Also, to verify your account, Viber will send you a PIN via SMS to activate your account.
  • After activation, the app will connect to your contact list to find and connect with friends.

Features in the Viber app

  • The Viber app was originally launched as a VoIP app for voice calls.
  • Viber 2.0 was released later. It added instant messaging capability.
  • Developing another technology, both Android and iOS apps added group messaging and an HD and voice.
  • Also, in December 2012, Viber added a ‘sticker’ to the app.
  • Viber 5.0 has been released and video calling has been introduced.
  • Introduced a new group call version.
  • Also, if you want to send something private, you have an option called secret chat. (You can’t get any screenshots in this chat.)
  • And if you want to get a chat head, you have to use the direct chat.
  • Also, an extra view is provided in the Send file, send location, share contact.
  • Viber games have recently been made available. (Users can choose from multiple games to download to their computer, tablet or phone. The games can be played alone, or users can play through the Viber app.)

How to create a public chatbot in Viber?

  • First, enter the public chat screen.
  • Select the Create New Public Chat icon. (Android and iPhone)

Setting up the details of your Public Chat?

  • First, add the icon to choose to add an existing photo or take a new photo. (Name your talk to add a topic to your public conversation.)
  • Give a thoughtful description of your typical conversation. This will give users a brief summary of your chat.
  • Add Participants add other Viber users who would like to participate in your public conversation. Participants can speak in public.
  • You can also set up to 20 related tags. These tags help you easily find your public chat in the search screen.
  • Background image changes the background to one of your existing photos on Viber or takes a new photo. This background will be visible to your chat participants and followers.
  • Choose whether or not your chat should be listed. (If your chat is not listed, it does not show up in normal chat search results.)
  • Also, choose if you want to limit the age of your public conversation. (In doing so you must ensure that users are over 18 years of age before viewing your chat.)
  • Also, set up your chat location.
  • Finally, select a unique ID that identifies your chatbot in a URL.


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