Battery Powered Grease Gun – How to Pick the Best Grease Gun? – Read Before Purchase!

To move parts in heavy machinery and equipment regularly need lubrication to perform at optimum levels. Manual application is too labor extensive. The inappropriate application of grease to the different moving parts of the machinery may lead to untimely wear and tear, over-heating, and might cause major damage to the equipment. Using a battery powered grease gun is one of your best options for the most efficient ways to apply grease to heavy machinery and equipment.

Let us have a look at the best options that are accessible in the market nowadays.

battery powered grease gun

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Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease-Gun Bare Tool- Top battery-powered grease gun in the market

This solid grease gun boasts of superior quality design makes it efficient to use. The tool also provides impressive power and has a built quality, which ensures it is an excellent choice as a grease gun.


  • Includes high-quality materials and solid design
  • A 48-inch hose offers better reach.
  • Has a good lubrication pressure.


  • Expensive when it comes to maintenance

Lincoln 1244 12V PowerLuber

Lincoln is a famous brand when it comes to equipment. Of course, this cordless grease gun features dual rechargeable batteries that offer more efficiency. Similarly, the Lincoln 1244 12V PowerLuber is one of the fastest grease guns that are currently obtainable in the market and is faster than a manual grease gun.


  • Presence of impressive fast charging.
  • Features dual batteries.
  • Includes 30-inch hose for improved reach.


  • Not as powerful.

Dewalt DCGG570B 18V Cordless Grease Gun 

Dewalt is a famous name that is synonymous with quality. This brand is responsible for designing and manufacturing numerous products that are extraordinary in quality and efficiency. Also, the Dewalt DCGG70B gun is no exception.


  • Strong build
  • It consists of an extra-long hose.
  • Solid motor
  • Clogged grease settings


  • Battery not included

Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun 

Lincoln is one of the well-known companies in the grease gun industry. This company is responsible for designing many great grease guns from the past. With the Lincoln Air Operated Grease Gun, the creators are now presenting a product that is incredibly powerful and fully automatic.


  • Presence of fully automatic operation.
  • Has excellent control over the grease flow and pressure.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • The pumping operation might get jammed at times.

HM&FC Lubrication 18 Volt-Cordless Grease Gun 

HM&FC presents an impressive battery-powered grease gun with their novel product. The product features make it one of the top guns accessible in the market at present. With the 12-volt battery and the powerful motor, this gun is an exciting grease gun.


  • Has two-speed transmission for better control
  • It delivers up to 8,000 PSI.
  • Fast-charging: takes merely two hours
  • Battery capacity display and self-locking trigger
  • Delivers unbelievable power
  • It comes with a coupler.


  • Built using flimsy material

Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease Gun Kit -Another world-class battery powered grease gun 

The Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease Gun Kit includes a high-quality design. That is why this specific grease gun is one of the modest models of the Milwaukee lineup capable of delivering an extraordinary amount of power.


  • Solid design and build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Presence of a long cord


  • Some people will find it expensive.

Powerbuilt (940798) 4500 PSI Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Style Grease Gun

The Powerbuilt (940798) 4500 PSI Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Style Grease Gun is a good choice, which is also a portable grease gun and offers both power and precision. It has a lightweight design. Indeed, due to its user-friendly design, the consumer won’t even feel anything after hours of use.


  • Leak-proof gun
  • User-friendly handling system
  • Affordable price


  • Short hose
  • Flimsy

If you are really looking for a product that supplies a bit further in terms of build quality, then you can try out the John Deere Original Equipment Grease Gun. From the past, as John Deere is always manufacturing quality products, so you know right off the bat that you are making a worthy investment with this grease gun.


  • Made from high-quality material
  • Features a squeeze handle for more accurate delivery


  • Low-quality connector

Dewalt DCGG571M1 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Grease Gun 

This product has a heavy-duty design. Also, this grease gun can deliver an extraordinary amount of power. Therefore, the Dewalt DCGG571M1 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Grease Gun is going to be one of your best bets. So, this product features a solid motor capable of churning up to 10,000 PSI of pressure, which makes the gun a high-volume pump for high-flow applications.


  • Very powerful pump
  • Easy power regulation
  • Efficient use of power


  • Difficult to remove the factory-fitted coupler

Neiko 1200A 12V Cordless Grease Gun 

Neiko 1200A is another brand that designs excellent products. Of course, the Neiko 1200A 12V battery-powered Grease Gun has a unique design that can deliver more power than a hand-pumping manual grease gun. It is also well-matched with zerk fitting. You will also get along a 30″ hose, which makes it cooler to reach tough spots within the equipment.


  • Built using high-grade materials
  • A user-friendly design
  • The large reservoir holds 14.05 grease cartridges.
  • Dual Ni-Cd Rechargeable Batteries
  • Affordable price


  • Batteries are not powerful.


If you are looking to reach the best out of your machinery or equipment, it is better to use a cordless or battery-powered electric grease gun. A powerful grease gun guarantees that the grease catches those hard-to-reach areas in the machinery. That ensures improved performance and the longevity of the machinery and equipment. Moreover, if you are looking for a good-quality grease gun, then picking any one of the choices mentioned above will let you get the most out of your machinery.

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