After School Lessons For Unripe Apples [Review]

If you love the reply 1988 Korean drama series, then you will love this one next. Both have a similar vibe. This manhwa setting is in the 90s so the art style really suits it. The art style was adorable, the plot was interesting and it’s the kind of slice of life I would be reading. Our female characters are so freaking adorable. I love how relatable she is, she doesn’t want to study, read manga, play games, hanging out with friends. It reminds me of my high school days. A good memory indeed. I love manhwa which can remind me of good memories like this. While our male lead is really complicated, he is complex and I do think he has very low self-esteem and social anxiety considering how much he hates being the center of attention.

There are so many things I want to ask about this manhwa, pretty unsettling. Not much has been revealed yet on how our male lead ends up like that. Oh well, his dad pissed me off of course. I wish he could at least listen first to his child. Overall, I love this more than cheese in the trap. Excited to know more about this, and looking forward to their relationship progress. So from this article, you can learn some interesting details about After school lessons for unripe apples.

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Where do you read unripe apples after school?

That asshole is back as an entirely new level of asshole! In her final year of middle school, Hwang Miae is stuck with Kim Cheol, a boy she met briefly years ago – he’s her classmate and her neighbour. Now the other kids keep calling them a couple! In a flurry of uneasiness, Cheol starts to avoid Miae like the plague.

after school lessons for unripe apples

Who made after school lessons for unripe apples?

Unripe Apples School Lesson (Century Fruit Tutorial School, Century Fruit Tutorial School, and Century Fruit Tutorial School) Premiere and updates of original Korean webtoon Navarre every Sunday

Is After School for Unripe Apples a romance?

It has some romance tropes but rather than it being the skeleton the story or characters are fleshed out around, it’s more like just a nod in that direction. The characters very much act their age and have unique personalities that the art also captures very well with their expressions. It’s comedic and the romance is very pure (not ‘sweet’ I’d say, but genuine affection). The progression of their relationship is realistic, gradual, and above all very friendly which matches them because they’re still young kids. Their immaturity shines through in their interest in boybands, getting embarrassed.

after school lessons for unripe apples

Who is the author of After School Lessons for Unripe Apples?

The Korean writer is Soonkki, who updates the Webtoon every Sunday. He is the author of after school lessons for unripe apples. By the way, you can follow this high school drama to find out who they truly are.


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