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Oftentimes When We buy a mobile phones, We do care about Space, Camera, RAM, Processor or Chip set. But beyond these, We should care about mobile sensors. If these sensors broken or not working your mobile phone will get a trouble because every feature of mobile phones need this sensors. Sometimes these sensors different with  mobile phones price range. I will tell you about some sensors of mobile phones in this article.

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Proximity sensor

When We are in the call and mobile phones take at ears, screen will off. Not only the ears. This sensor will sensitive with cover by the head of mobile phone. This sensor help us to make secure call and better quality calls.

mobile phones sensor

Axolotl meter

We can calculate the movement using this axolotl meter. for example when We play a car game or somethings, We use this sensor for screen rotation, as a steering wheel, etc… Also you can use this sensor for watching movies, videos, pictures, Some people don’t like this sensor because sometimes it’s Annoyance. So you can turn on or off this sensor via mobile operating system. This sensor specially usable for gaming, mobile finance, calculating, entertainment, etc…

mobile phones sensor

Auto brightness (Ambia line sensor)

This sensor more important to the smart phones because smart phones screens are too large and come with HD. So If we use mobile phones in the sunlight or more brightness places, screen won’t  show. This sensor come with some smart phones only. It’s depend on phone prices. When we go and use mobile phones in the brightness or dark places, automatically mobile brightness will increasing and decreasing.

This process work with Ambia line sensor. Ambia line sensor can identify and calculate the lightness and phone brightness increase or decreased  with calculated lightness. Some people used like fitness tracker app. So step count process with ambia line sensor . As well as pedo meter too.

mobile phones sensor

Combuss sensor

This sensor usable for, If we used mobile compass, Google maps, Location Tracker, etc… This sensor will able to Track our mobile phones. So this is more important to the mobile phone when we lost it.

mobile phones sensor

pilorscop sensor

We can get VR ( virtual reality ) experience using this pilorscop sensor. This is advance sensor. This sensor will able to measure Latitude which means walls, Windows, tables, etc… This is similar to Axolotl meter.

As well as fingerprint, face dedication, phone unlock and more come with new smart phones. I hope you like the article. see you in next.

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