5 amazing shortcuts you didn’t use

1. Create a virtual desktop

If you are working all day with your computer you have to open lots of tabs and explores, software, etc… So most of computers will get slow because of these task and explores. As well as If you using this desktop all day you will get a stress and you cannot work anymore. This desktop like trash bin. So we need new fresh desktop to make our work perfect. So there is a shortcut for it.

  • If you are windows user press

Windows key+ CTRL key+ D

  • If you are MAC user press

Control+ up(MAC)

2. Switch between virtual desktop

I told how to create new virtual network in above. How ever If you need switch the new desktop to old one or old one to new one, There is a shortcut for it.

  • If you are Windows user press

Windows key+ CTRL then press left and right arrow keys to switch desktop.

  • If you are MAC user press

control key(MAC) and press arrow keys to change desktop.

3. Return desktop from apps

If you have lots of apps on the desktop, Such as folders, Documents, Etc… You should have stressful mind. As well as you need to stay those with applications. you don’t need to minimize these applications one by one, You can minimize all this applications in one touch. There is a shortcut for minimize all application in one time.

press Windows key+ M

for get back these applications press Windows key+ COMMA

4. Open an app from task bar

If you have many apps in task bar and you need to open it one by one. So you don’t need search and open applications each one. There is a shortcut to open task bar applications respectively. 

If you need to open application number one press Windows key + number 1. So you can open any application you want using this method. For example if you need to open application number 5, You can open it pressing Windows key + number 5. This is very easy method for open an app from task bar.

5. Split- screen between two apps

When you work on with two application or two folders you should get a trouble for using both applications. So we can split the screen and use both applications in two slides. Then we will able to work easy with these both applications. There is a shortcut to make split screen in windows.

press windows key + left arrow key to make left split screen and windows key + right arrow key to make right split screen. After you make both screens you can make you work perfect.

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